WonderCloset Warrior

I used to dream in pink and glitter. My world was full of imaginary adventures and miraculous victories. I was friends with the smartest kids in class, yet, at the playground I was always surrounded by a little bit more gruff population.

Growing up was fun and I was curious.

Until the time my father started to drink heavily. This was a start of a journey of figuring out who I was and what was my purpose. Around the same 
time, my parents insisted I switched schools and applied my right-brain personality (think books and dancing) into an advanced mathematics and physics class.

In the morning I went to school to be bullied by the rich and well-established kids and then I went home to deal with the verbal abuse of my drunk father. At night, when finally left alone, I would myself back together. Brick by brick. To face more of a challenge the next day.

I was adamant I was going to be a teacher, and my mom, who had divorced my father by that time, insisted that it had to be teaching math. During college years I did all could to avoid having to be stuck in class and listen to the professors who had never place the foot in a public school. I started my teaching career when I was 19, and graduated from college with two degrees. BA in Education and MA in mathematics and a pretty high GPA.

After graduation I had to reinvent myself, I couldn’t in all the sanity try to teach mathematics. Several years later I was teaching elementary, adored my students, had amazing colleagues.

My personal life wasn’t developing the way I had wanted it for about a decade and I turned to the Internet in hopes to find that special one. Let me know if you’d like to hear my story of falling in love with Mr.Right, I’ll be happy to share!

I was still being shaped into who I am though. My Mr. Right happened to be an American and I moved to the States.

Talk about starting over! I was learning to be a wife, then a mother. I started a career and then had to move again. And again.

Starting from scratch every. single. time.

Fast forward six years. I have created a program to help other women to start from scratch. Build them up. Brick by brick. Become determined. Learn resiliency.

Be unstoppable.

I consider myself a fabulous mother, just a tiny bit on the helicopter mom side. I always have huge dreams and unrealistic expectations. I am done doubting my value and searching for my path.

I am here to help you to figure out what makes you tick, what makes you happy, what makes you dream in color and glitter.

I want to help you create your vision and your path. I will stay with you as long as you need me. I will help you get there. Are you ready?